Who We Are?

How we started?
The founders of Tayary are passionate, food-loving people who have just had it with the on-going cycle of placing an order that is not always delivered quickly or the repetitive pattern of placing a call and listening to several options that they aren’t even interested in. Hence, they’ve decided to program an app that is about to make both their lives, and yours, a whole lot easier. Whether or not your restaurant delivers, or you've simply found yourself craving a certain midnight snack, Tayary quickly connects you to all your local cravings by linking you to various independent homemade businesses, along with grocery stores and restaurant series which are all available in the palm of your hands via our app or website. You no longer have to worry about making small talk over the phone with your favorite restaurant.
What we do?
Here at Tayary, our main goal is to provide an easy, fast, reliable, and affordable food delivery service to satisfy your every craving. Whether it’s a stuffed crust pizza for lunch or a Nutella waffle at midnight, we’ll bring it to your doorstep in no time. Tayary is an online platform that makes food delivery even easier than eating. We connect consumers to various local stores, restaurants, and caterers and we help you discover the hidden gems in your own neighborhood. For the first time in Egypt, you can order through our app or website and your order will be delivered to your doorstep with a Tayary courier in no time at all!
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